“We” are a one woman shop who needed a break from the real world. I realized whenever I needed to clear up my head, destress or declutter my mind I’d often turn to cute animals which provided mental or emotional vacuum. It would help me space out and forget about everything for a moment. Kinda like minute yoga for your psyche. This would help me reset.

If this is what helps me I figure I can’t be the only one.

Why animals?

But look how cute they are! And so simple! No bills to pay, no work, no politics, no TV. Eat, sleep, play, repeat.

Do you take suggestions?

I love suggestions. One person knows nothing – many people know everything. I welcome every suggestion to make changes on this page. Please contact me.

So.. what’s in this for you?

I wish I could post animal videos all day long but I have work and limited time. I hope to be able to one day pay someone to help me post stuff. This is why I have ads on this site – to generate enough funds to pay for few hours of work for my future assistant.

Steve, the assistant

Already received an application from this little guy 🙂 his name is Steve and he really wants the job!

Can we advertise on your site?

Absolutely! I do have conditions though – your ad has to be related to wellness, relaxation, yoga, meditation, nourishment, or similar. And it cannot be flashy or too colorful. It has to blend in with the site and not disturb my visitors. For more details please contact me.