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    10 Typical Responses When You Admit You are Depressed (DEBUNKED!)


    1. Spend some time in the nature

      • Pfft, if I ever get myself over the edge of this bed …maybe I’ll go to the bathroom.
    2. List what you like about yourself

      • Here is my list during my depressive cycle:
        • I am useless
        • I am hopeless
        • I don’t deserve to exist
        • Why am I still alive?
        • Nobody cares about me.
        • …sounds familiar?
    3. Read a good book

      • Best thing a depressed person can do with a book is stare at it. For hours. That’s it.
    4. Watch a funny movie or TV show

      • Been there done that. You know what I watched? Reruns of “Two and a half men”. You know why? – Because I’d seen it like 20 times and was the only thing my brain was able to consume.
    5. Take a long, hot bath

      • Yup, done. Now what?
    6. Take care of a few small tasks

      • See answer to question 1.
    7. Play with a pet

      • I don’t have a pet. Everything dies here. 
    8. Talk to friends or family face-to-face

        • This tip is the ultimate bullshit! You really think someone would listen what I have to say now that I am at my lowest? Ok, so let’s say they do listen you know what their advice would be? They would say “You have to go out more” or some bullshit like that. If they don’t want to listen – then how would you even be able to put on a happy face mask and pretend you are such a fun and upbeat person! Nobody wants to hang out with a downer! That’s why most of us just sit at home alone and pray nobody calls us on the phone so we don’t have to explain why we sound like shit. 

    9. Listen to music

      • Yup, especially when sad music speaks to me. I cried my eyes out listening to Moby.
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    How Do I Deal With Depression

    101 Bullshit advice (that will make you feel even worse)

    • Physical work is the solution
    • Working on a farm is the solution
    • Yoga is the solution
    • Breathing techniques are the solution
    • Have you ever seen a depressed miner?
    • Have you ever seen a depressed construction worker
    • Have you ever seen a depressed farmer? 

    “You Are Making it All Up”

    • It’s all in your head
    • The type of thoughts you have will shape your life
    • You don’t need no pills that’s a scam
    • You have to laugh more
    • This so-called disease did not exist 10 years ago
    • It’s a made up disease
    • You have to be more confident and you won’t be depressed
    • You only convinced yourself you are depressed
    • You’re making a problem out of nothing.
    • Forget about your problems and move on
    • You’re just spoiled, that’s your problem
    • Depressed? That’s just gibberish.
    • You are just making it up to get attention  

    Other Typical Reactions

    • Therapy? It’s a scam meant to rip people off.
    • You have to eat healthy and it will go away
    • You have to exercise more and it will go away
    • You have to get laid more often and it will go away
    • You have to drink more water and it will go away
    • Focus more on your family and it will go away
    • Just think positive thoughts and it will go away
    • Pray more and it will go away
    • Once you have a child it will go away
    • You have to go out more and it will go away
    • Change your job and it will go away
    • Get a boyfriend/girlfriend and it will go away
    • You should go out and get drunk more often
    • What should children in Africa say? How depressed should they feel?
    • Be happy for not having cancer or AIDS
    • You have to fight it because nobody has it easy nowadays
    • It may be that you are just surrounded by idiots and not really depressed
    • I’m taking these pills that’s your answer
    • God is the answer
    • Nature is the answer
    • Marijuana is the answer
    • Get the TV out of the house, that’s the answer
    • You can’t be depressed you are young
    • You have children, you can’t afford to be depressed
    • Think of your kids
    • Find a hobby and you’ll be fine
    • Just think about something else and you’ll be fine
    • You think my life is easy?!   
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    Reason For Feeling So Lonely When You Are Depressed

    Sounds pathetic, but it’s true.

    What you tend to do:

    • Stay at home – you don’t want to bother anyone
    • If you are lucky to find a friend who’s been through the same shit, or someone who is willing to listen no matter what and no matter when – dude, you are a lucky bastard!


    Then again, if your friend is also depressed then you are in for an addiction.

    It’s like you feed off each other’s bad vibes.

    When you are down it seems like every sad song speaks to you, right? That song is your drug. And then you play it on loop so many times it makes you feel nothing. That’s exactly the effect your depressed friend has on you.

    Either way chances are you’ll be alone because no friend is your real friend in those days/months. Your only true friend is the internet.