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How far can depression go?


Depression is your treasonous enemy

This song is from my 4 month long depressive episode in the spring of 2001. I haven’t listened to Moby since.

This is from my almost 2 year long depression in 2010/2011. I haven’t listened or watched “Drive” ever since: 

Then during the Great Depression of 2013/2014 I completely stopped listening to music. Which is great because I have less to avoid today.

2017 – 2019 were completely off the charts in terms of my mental state. It culminated towards the end of 2018 and exploded in the summer of 2019. Every type of music would trigger a downward spiral, so I mostly focused on one dimensional beats. They were my anchor to the land so I don’t drown in the sea. I was hanging by a thread for like two years… These are the ‘anchor’ songs, which do remind me of that period, but I can handle them.

… or these:



*Don’t listen to these they are sad af!


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