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Reason For Feeling So Lonely When You Are Depressed

Sounds pathetic, but it’s true.

What you tend to do:

  • Stay at home – you don’t want to bother anyone
  • If you are lucky to find a friend who’s been through the same shit, or someone who is willing to listen no matter what and no matter when – dude, you are a lucky bastard!


Then again, if your friend is also depressed then you are in for an addiction.

It’s like you feed off each other’s bad vibes.

When you are down it seems like every sad song speaks to you, right? That song is your drug. And then you play it on loop so many times it makes you feel nothing. That’s exactly the effect your depressed friend has on you.

Either way chances are you’ll be alone because no friend is your real friend in those days/months. Your only true friend is the internet.


What do you think?